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Emily Tuck

Emily Tuck has been a holistic practitioner since 2004 having trained in multiple modalities.

Emily is highly accomplished and trained in the following modalities and uses her own unique blend of these in her work:

  • Kinesiology
  • Bowen Technique
  • EFT Tapping
  • Mindset Priming Coach
  • Reiki Healing
  • Divine Transformational Rays Healing
  • Vibrational tools such as Sound Essences sprays developed by Evelyn Mulders
  • EpigeneticsTransforming DNA Memories (Ancestral and Past Life) 

About Emily Tuck

Emily is a transformational mindset coach who is passionate about supporting people to embrace the Divine Feminine and to rise to embrace their full power.

Emily has worked for years with Women to support them to the rise to meet the Divine Feminine within themselves.

More recently Emily has widened her coaching programmes to include men and couples as they are now rising to meet the invitation of the divine feminine to embrace their soul mission and enter the new relationship paradigm.

Working with Lilith and more recently with Mary Magdalene Emily has worked to support all those on their Twin Flame Journey.

Using her various tools she works with you to transform your subconscious and energetic frameworks around relationships and love, both with yourself and your relationship with others.

She supports you in clearing past life karmic patterns, along with your genetic and ancestral limitations, which keep you from stepping into your full power and into your Sacred Union with your Twin Flame.

Understanding the true power of the subconscious, and the paradigm of “BE DO HAVE” she transformed her own life now supports others to do the same.

She has dedicated herself to sharing this with as many people as possible, to transform their lives, and their relationships.

Who we are in how we love, and in our intimacy, our sacred sexual expression, ripples out into who they are in the rest of their lives including our business, our parenting, and our creative legacies and soul mission.

Emily now has a successful online business, with self-led content to begin your journey, 1:1 programmes of 3 months and a 12 month deep dive container to support you on your twin flame journey towards Sacred Union.

Not Every Coach...

  • Has over 15 years of experience in holistic therapies

  • Not every coach is a wizard and an alchemist who facilitates you to work with your subconscious and expedites deep energy work

  • Invites you to embrace your powerful and transformative relationships with Lilith and Mary Magdalene to guide you to claim your own power and your Twin Flame Relationship.

  • I am utterly committed to you reaching your highest possibility no matter where it takes you.

  • I am passionate about people reaching their potential in their relationships, their sexual expression, in their creativity and in their business, and manifesting your inner potential, and soul mission for all the world to see.


I’ve had sessions with Emily she was more than happy to work with me in online Zoom sessions. Emily is kind and extremely knowledgeable.

Since working with Emily the change has been explosive. My life has been moving in a direction that I didn’t think was possible, it’s as though everything is falling into place and I no longer feel hopeless and unable to make change happen.

 It’s great seeing the results of this as things begin to (what seems as randomly) start falling into the place, moving me closer to the things I couldn’t really see myself achieving. I have become aware of how I have had an impact on my life, both energetically and in my attitude towards the things I strive for. It is the work I do with Emily that has made this happen.

Hannah Chinn

Hannah Chinn

Emily is absolutely amazing at what she does and I cannot thank her enough!! After doing Emily’s programme, I not only cleared a lot of what was holding me back but I have grown my monthly income by over 100% – if you were thinking of investing in Emily – DO IT! It will be the best thing you do.

Ellen Kotze

Ellen Kotze

Through working with Emily, we have addressed my issues of confidence with the business and much, much more. I have gained clarity in how I want to run my business, the type of clients I want to attract and have developed a sense of knowing around my ability to help people. I feel more grounded and powerful and have unblocked many of my self imposed limitations.

We have also dealt with my abundance blocks and inadvertently resolved a long standing health issue. It’s quite incredible how much we’ve achieved.

Linda Docherty

Linda Docherty

I met Emily in late 2018. Since then we have had a regular sessions, despite the fact we live 400 miles apart. I love the way I can do the sessions over Zoom and don’t need to be physically in the same room. If you wonder whether Emily can work for you, then wonder no more and trust her. She is like a dog with a bone! She digs and digs until she finds the root of the problem and then bingo she balances it so it solved!

Catherine Ford

Catherine Ford