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We are entering Metal Element this month as we head towards the end of October and into November until the end of the year.

We have completed harvest in August and September, in the Earth Element and afterwards we are asked to take time to draw inwards and consider what we need to let go of in order to grow.


This time of year is the time of the year when the veil is thinnest between this World and the Spirit World at the festival of Samhain (31st Oct) otherwise known as Halloween. It is a time to celebrate the Wisdom of our dead ancestors. 

A time when we get to reflect and review, and let go of any limiting stories we have inherited and have been activated in our DNA.


At this time of year we are presented with the opportunity to go inwards and to deeply review the subconscious, frameworks that we have inherited on an ancestral level, a familial level, a Soul level, the part of us that has been here before, or the part of us that have inherited the DNA of our country or the history of Women.

All of these truths, these knowings, these DNA Memories we have inherited are they empowering and activating us to be a greatest version of ourselves and to be someone who is our deeply authentic self, does this version of us call on the DNA strand that guides us how to stand more deeply in our legacy of our ancestral and personal past. 


Do we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and accept the genetic imperative to do them the great honour of completing and furthering their work? 


On the powerful crossroads of this time of year do we stand and make the choices that the previous women could not make, did not have permission to make?

In choosing the opposite choice on the road choose a version of our future and the DNA of our future generations that makes them celebrate through time and cheer us on as we succeed where they could not. 


Another way to view it is if this is to reflect on who I no longer wish to BE what attitudes and beliefs need to be transformed over this Winter period.


If you maybe have an insight or glimmer at this stage into Who you wish to BE in the Spring?


What “Winter Seeds” are being planted in order to bloom in the Spring Solstice of March?

To let go of all that no longer serves our authentic self and standing fully in our expression of it. 


Do we step into our power and cheer along with the other Women succeeding in the World who are stepping into theirs? That  way “Together we Rise” thereby rewriting the story of evading our power or distancing ourselves from our sisters or of belittling other women’s achievements  and  women were compelled to take part in during the times of the Witch Hunters and Witch Trials in order to protect our own lives. 


This time last year I was presented with an invitation being introduced via a friend to a new business coach and it became an invitation to BE someone who would step into my power and transform my business.


This process involved reviewing, dismantling and transforming the limiting beliefs I had inherited from my Mum and over Winter I went through the process of transforming my inherited patterns beliefs attitudes habits expectations, and choices. 


The result was that come the Spring I had dismantled rebuilt and utterly transformed my subconscious self image and completely remodeled my business, (for more details read my blog “What a difference a year makes- well almost”)


This year 2021 I am once again standing on the crossroads as Samhain at the end of October that marks the beginning of Winter. 


Once again I am standing on the powerful crossroads and feel the call of my ancestors asking me gently but insistently how do I intend to answer their transformational call during this year’s Winter Descent? 


Using the Wisdom of the Metal Element is using the energy of this time (from 31st Oct until 21st December) to enable me to gracefully release the past, and gently reveal the breath of inspiration for new ideas and beliefs enabling personal growth and societal evolution.

Using this time to welcome each breath and each change in your life by looking toward a new experience and the growth it may bring over the coming months or into Spring.


These ideas will incubate in the Water Element time of year, if we use this time wisely we will be able to redefine our boundaries, and decide what structure we need to keep us moving forward while also honouring the natural rhythm of the season to draw in and go deep.

For me I personally review the structures of my day and how I can organise things to go part time hours and yet maximise what effect my chosen actions have. 

Unlike in the Summer when I could easily work 8 hours at my desk to achieve something with the fuel and energy that the Fire Element offers me.

By the time “Metal” is upon me I am drawn to only half days and so I become more selective about which activities I engage in and which ones I set up with automations, and which ones are delegated.  


Communication also goes under the microscope for me at this time, with the desire to be more inward looking, do I need more armour and better boundaries to support this natural motion?

Or do I in fact need to be more open and less guarded in how I communicate. 

Do I need to use more determination and personal power to easily communicate my inner richness, my inner creative gifts, talents, my potential and authentic nature to those around me.


As the Metal Element moves into balance in my life at this time, what actions do I take on the crossroads that supports my mind in developing ideas for my creative endeavors’ be those in art, writing, poetry, creating classes or courses, or maybe in science, or technology.


As Lilith guides me through this descent through the psychic desert of my beliefs, attitudes,  habits, expectations and choices.


I will work with her to make the powerful choices that will break the limiting ancestral and inherited patterns on all levels. 

Enabling me to overcome insecurity or a lack of confidence, or silence and transform our inner critic leaving you free to experience enthusiasm for each and every moment. 

I invite you to use the time of the Metal Element to review and reshape your own psychic desert and if it feels aligned get in touch with me to join my programmes and my Mighty Network Community to find out more.