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Chinese 5 Elements – The Earth Element

What are you harvesting, and are you happy with it?

As we move into August we move into the Earth Element phase of the year. It begins the final stages of activity before we harvest all we have worked towards since Spring time. 

At this time I work with Lilith as my guide my internal regulator of the powerful choices I make at each crossroads, each decision. 

She guides me to consider what is the choice that will bring about greater power, love and possibility both for myself, for my clients, and those in my wider community. 

To quote my mentor “for me, for you, for us”

At this time our energy drops a little, after a summer of great activity our energy drops a little. After maybe burning the candle at both ends we begin to slow. 

It is a time of Harvest, of Abundance, and of gratitude for both what we have gained and what we have learnt. 

What are you most grateful for at this time and how are you taking time to acknowledge it in your life, how are you thanking those around you that you are grateful for? What steps are you using to acknowledge it to yourself? 

It is a time to be grateful for our lessons and our blessings.

(What am I doing?)

We take time to realise what we have created over the last few months and work out what has harvested, what needs some final actions to allow the harvest of our work to be a success and what has not been allowed to harvest because it either needs longer or because we have allowed it to spoil 

(What am I doing in this regard?)

I’ve now created ______ I’ve am now harvesting_______

As the of the past months activity are harvesting it is also time to separate the wheat from the chav both literally and metaphorically. To take an honest look, to take stock of the harvest, what is working for you and be honest about what isn’t. Yes I love this. No I don’t want to be like this anymore. 


Who do I need to BE in order to become who I want to BE going forwards as a result of this reflection. 

What seeds need planting to come up in the Spring, and what needs discarding like the chav among the Wheat. 


(What are my thoughts in this area) 


Can I help you get clear about what you want going forwards? 

How can I support you and introduce you the power Lilith brings to this season to consciously shape the Earth Element to harvest what you want and to discard and to identify what needs improving. 


Does there need to be a cull of some kind, in beliefs, habits, attitudes, behaviours the people and things I give my attention to, in order to bring about a transformation in my subconscious self image.




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