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Earth Element Blog

What are you harvesting, and are you happy with it?

As we move into August we move into the Earth Element phase of the year. It begins the final stages of activity before we harvest all we have worked towards since Spring time. 

My relationship with the Earth Element both internally and in my external World has always been one of treating it a little like the poor relation of the elements.

This year however, the energy of the Earth Element has been one of my greatest teachers. 

Manifestation is one of the great gifts and powers of the Earth Element which is made up of the Stomach meridian which digests incoming food but is also responsible for digesting thoughts, ideas and what we learn.

The Spleen Meridian which helps break down the things that come in from the stomach into manageable chunks bitesize pieces so we can use them.

When the Earth Element is imbalanced  we are unable to ground our endeavours and ideas either we simply work really hard and have nothing to show for it or we dream plenty but nothing lands in our external World. The ideas stay as unrealised potential.

This year after Early Spring that started at Imbolc in Feb and continued right through, the next few months I experienced a period of intense opening, intense vulnerability, and intense clearing out of fears at what seemed like the speed of light.

For my part by the end of April I was being asked by both the Universe and those whom I loved and who loved me to slow down, to be patient.

To let these transformations I had begun in February to be manifest fully allow them to ground to EARTH to be able to be manifested in my life and in my body fully.

It doesn’t suit my temperament to slow down as I have historically mistaken it for stagnation which as a constitutional Wood I cannot abide  (more on constitutional types later.)

As Spring gave way to Summer I was guided and used muscle testing to confirm that I had to slow down the speed and frequency of the energy work I applied to myself.

I then needed to wait a week letting the ripples settle before my next energy work.

Initially I found it SO hard to be patient to wait for the transformation I’d created in the energy space to land in my external reality. 

Several times a day I wanted to throw my arms in the air and say bugger it and walk away from it all to once again feel the newness of possibility running through my veins, however I knew the things set in motion I wanted so much I was willing to learn a new way of working with my Earth Element.

I needed to apply Einstein’s theory of relativity and let time go slower in order to go faster and ultimately harvest my desires.

I had amazing support from my constant companion these days, Camilla Fellas Arnold  

She is a constitutional Earth type and so instinctively understands the energy of this element, she lives her life a little bit everyday, make it a daily practice and it will be created into something tangible in the World.   

She knew how to make the possibility I love to feel running through my veins, into something real and how to break it down into steps and how to keep going until it manifests. 

She patiently taught me daily and showed me what was in my blind spot to adjust my way of BEING and learn to trust and walk things daily like an Earth type and thus bring my own Earth Element into balance.

During this year I also worked with the Goddess and Archetype of Lilith as my guide, and my internal regulator of the powerful choices I make at each crossroads, each decision. 

She guided me to consider what is the choice that will bring about greater power, love and possibility both for myself, for my clients, and those in my wider community. 

She showed me how to slow down how to focus my creativity until it manifested into the new programmes that I have written and am now sharing with the World.

Lilith taught me the lesson of what is the powerful choice “for me, for you, for us,” to quote my mentor.

At this Earth Element time our energy drops a little, after a summer of great activity.

After maybe burning the candle at both ends we begin to slow down.

It is a time of Harvest, of Abundance, and of gratitude for both what we have gained and what we have learnt. 

What are you most grateful for at this time and how are you taking time to acknowledge it in your life?

How are you thanking those around you that you are grateful for? 

What steps are you using to acknowledge it to yourself?

For myself I am exceptionally grateful to several friends in my life especially after the last 6 months or so.

It is a time to be grateful for our lessons and our blessings.

We take time to realise what we have created over the last few months and work out what has been harvested.

The following questions are some I journal on at this time of year to help me take stock during the Earth Element time. 

Feel free to try them yourself, ask or write the question and see what comes up from your mind, heart and soul and the universe.

What needs some final actions to allow the harvest of our work to be a success? 

What has not been allowed to harvest because it either needs longer or because we have allowed it to spoil?

As the activity of the past few months is harvested it is also time to separate the wheat from the chav both literally and metaphorically?

To take an honest look, to take stock of the harvest, what is working for you and be honest about what isn’t. Yes I love this. No, I don’t want to be like this anymore. 

Who do I need to BE in order to become who I want to BE going forwards as a result of this reflection?

What seeds need planting to come up in the Spring, and what needs discarding like the chav among the Wheat?

Can I help you get clear about what you want going forward? 

How can I support you and introduce you to the power Lilith brings to this season to consciously shape the Earth Element to harvest what you want and to discard and to identify what needs improving?

Does there need to be a cull of some kind, in beliefs, habits, attitudes, behaviours, the people and things I give my attention to, in order to bring about a transformation in my subconscious self image?

Feel free to share how the Earth Element impacts you.

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