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My Introduction to Lilith

When I asked to speak at a Women’s Empowerment Summit in June 2020 I was honoured. I decided after a chat with a friend to be brave and write something close to my heart, ‘The Lost Feminine Archetype’ of Lilith and how my encounter with her had changed my life forever.

My talk was greatly anticipated and amazingly received by the women who attended the summit. 

Women got in touch with me directly to tell me about their experiences of Lilith or how they wanted more of her in their lives and were not sure how to start.

They also told me they had never heard of Lilith, but they were wonderfully inspired to welcome her. 

It was time to use her energy to meditate with her and ask her how she wished to be known.

Who was she in our interactions with our friends and our lovers, our husbands and wives and most importantly with ourselves?

I realised Lilith needed introducing to us, men and women alike. Once introduced, women needed to understand the role she was to play in their lives, both generally and in specific areas. Our business, our creative outlets, our relationships with others, we needed to understand how she impacted the way we communicate across the board.

I am aware as I use this article to introduce her to you and going forward, my marketing now integrates her into my work with clients who use my programmes to invite you to welcome her into your lives too, to learn from her and allow her to transform your life.

In my work with her, I see the destination of the empowerment she offers and how she can be weaved into all sorts of areas of our lives. 

I wanted to share with you what I have learnt so far from my own empowerment and of the empowerment of the other women I have worked with when working with Lilith.

During the initial aftermath of the talk, I took an unscheduled although I suspect an energetically planned pause from my social media and my marketing. It lasted a year all in although I didn’t know it at the time.

I realised I could not go on without Lilith’s energy weaved through my key message and in my communication of the way I work. As I suspected Lilith would move me into a space of more power and wisdom. She demanded a seat at the table of my feminine archetypes. She demanded to be included in my work, as much as I wanted her in my life.

In the pause, I meditated and used my weekly hypnotherapy to listen to her and to get to know her message. 

Her voice did not need interpreting or translating, she simply needed to be given a space to speak. She is strong enough to deliver her message herself. To tell us of the power that is possible for all of us in our lives if we embrace her.

A friend told me last week after not seeing me for the last few months that I had changed. She could feel my energy was different somehow. I used the word ‘sharper’. Of course, I knew she was referring to the emerging effect of Lilith in my life and work. I had a ruthlessness to me. Just to be clear; I hadn’t suddenly become a bitch or had a personality transplant of some kind!

Her comment reminded me of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and her conversation with the Hatter, youre not the same as you were before, he said. You were much more… muchier… youve lost your muchness’. Thanks to my recent work with Lilith and sharing it with my clients I had become reconnected to my muchness. I was becoming muchier.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary muchness is defined as ‘The quality or state of “being” in great quantity, extent or degree’.

In my creativity I found myself pausing and incubating, waiting. Despite this, in many ways, my creativity was flowing. Lilith wanted me to raise my game and to bring my new message to a bigger audience.

In the last month, I have had more ideas for workshops, classes, and courses than ever before. The ideas present themselves piece by piece and they appear in multiple revenue streams. I found myself altering how my message is communicated to my soul client. My creativity and its multiple avenues are growing exponentially.

I have also found that there are lots of people who are coming forward and wanting to support my endeavours and using their own creativity to support mine. 

I have had offers of all sorts from website support, copywriting, offers to do talks or create workshops. Even a sharing of artwork for a future book that one of the listeners of my original talk felt inspired to create.

The most remarkable thing about this is the way it is being communicated, I believe Lilith and her power gives women access to their own voice and to the ability to speak their truth.

In the biblical story, she understood her power and her equality to Adam as opposed to Eve who accepted a submissive and subservient role. She expressed this clearly.

I observed both in myself and in the women around me, a transformation in their language, they owned their gifts and talents. I have often heard conversations between a group of women and have observed what I found to be a frustrating pattern of underplaying ourselves and our talents. The conversation would look something like this… ‘I need someone who can help with this French translation?’

‘Oh, you know who’s good, Jane’.

Jane immediately pipes up with, ‘oh well I’m not that great, I’m a little rusty, not used it in a while,’ or comments in this vein, as if to claim her gifts, talents and strengths was not an attractive quality. We are taught from a young age to mitigate our gifts, our talents and our potential.

We all know instinctively or maybe from our earliest bedtime stories that the women who are capable and able to stand independently are assured one fate – the fate to be misunderstood and to spend our lives alone at best or hunted and dead at worst.

All women who think of themselves as the ‘granddaughters of the witches you could not burn’ understand this instinctively. Thank God ‘Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls’ is changing the tide on this narrative for the girls in the younger generations.

Over time the way we interact and mitigate our power, our talents and our possibility both internally and with others, is accepted by our subconscious as truth. We end up lowering what we think we are capable of and our sense of our inner richness.

Once I began working with Lilith the women coming forward to support my projects were coming forward saying, ‘yes I can do that! I’m good at that’. And when I suggested that someone I know is excellent at something, instead of downplaying it the women responded with, ‘excellent I was looking for one of those!’ and they reply, ‘yes give me a call let’s get your project working together’.

It showed me something else about women when I work with Lilith. Lilith does not share power – this is true. I found however, this is not in a standard competitive way or in a way that says; for me to be powerful, it is power over you. 

I discovered she brings forward the power in each individual woman and the greatest in myself that I can now access does not diminish yours. Your greatness can come front and centre in your life, it is as well as, not instead of my own.

I found that new mentors made their way into my life. Ones that were previously out of my reach, or I would have considered beyond my orbit were all suddenly on my radar. 

Suddenly 10K months or more as a business objective seemed completely possible rather than a far-off pipe dream that might be possible for others but which I had no hope of reaching. Working with Lilith was attracting being in my life. I was being attracted to people who have already found their voice and their power and she encouraged me to do the same.

I also found that as women work with Lilith and what Shelia Kelly refers to as the erotic creature, they have pride in the power and sexiness in their bodies that is sorely missing today.

As the women I work with to reconnect them to Lilith, to their own voice, their creativity and power, the expression of that power is manifested in their relationships both with their sexual nature and with their own bodies and it is utterly transformative.

The empowerment that she brings into our lives reveals itself in our sexuality. Several women I have worked with who have commented on either sexual dysfunction, for example, dryness or maybe inability to achieve orgasm are common. Sometimes it is less obvious. It is a simple regretful nod women share with me that while their sex lives in themselves may be fine (your partner may know how to satisfy you in principle) it is as if they know things are not reaching the divine heights that their bodies and souls crave.

After several months of work behind the scenes I have begun my work with her and my initial programme of workshops and 1:1 sessions have been written. In our sessions together I have worked with women and with the Lilith Archetype and she has given us access to how to heal these diseases. 

I received reports from women who have experienced more connection and more sacredness and more empowerment during their acts of intimacy or their sexual experience and depth of satisfaction are unlocked in a way that they haven’t experienced in years.

Communication in relationships has also improved dramatically which creates a new level of intimacy as women find confidence in their voice and their truth. Women also report being able to access the ability to communicate and be more present to their children and to be better mothers too.

In so many ways she speaks of female empowerment more deeply and completely and I find it a privilege to work with her and to introduce her into your lives. As a result of my work with Lilith I now offer you several programmes or ways to work with her. 

I currently offer a series of programmes entitled: 

Purpose Profit Pathway, Radical Revolutionary Relationships and Personal Power Prerogative. All are currently available as group led and 1:1 programmes run over 12 weeks. A self-led introduction is currently in the works.  

We work together to take a full inventory of how and where she currently is in your life and the areas that are out of balance because of her absence. Whether its your relationships and sexual expression, your business or your personal relationship to her and yourself. Together we work to unlock the imbalances and reconnect her into your life in all the areas she influences.

I also bring her into my newly upgraded programmes, where we work on a specific area of your life – for example, your internal relationship or your business for 12 weeks until we move you into a new empowered, connected and pleasure-filled space in this chosen area of your life. 

I invite you to consider where Lilith resides – or is absent – in your life and what inviting her into your life might bring to your table. It may seem like an intimidating prospect but I believe it is well worth the effort.

If you would like to embrace Lilith in your life, do book a discovery call with me on my website, or enrol on my current courses to begin your journey.

The question is, are you ready to raise your game with Lilith?

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