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Lilith Speaks Episode 3 Transcript The Power on the Crossroads

Welcome to Lilith Speaks podcast with me your host Emily Tuck for those who are ready to embrace the power and Lilith brings at the crossroads for those who are ready to say YES to themselves, to life, and to the possibilites it offers.

Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of Lilith Speaks. I’m your host, Emily Tuck. And today we are going to talk a little bit in this episode about Lilith and the power of the crossroads.

For me, I believe that Lilith, that one of her roles is the internal guide, I suppose not quite the internal regulator. She’s the internal regulator of our power.

But what she does as part of that role, is she guides us to what is the powerful choice on this crossroad. So as we stand at the junctions of the decisions that we make, and the choices that we make.

What’s the powerful choice in this moment? Do we go Left? Or do we go Right? Do we say YES? Or do we say NO?

And there is such power on these crossroads, because as we choose one or the other, we set in motion, so many ripples that can carry on for sometimes days, sometimes weeks, sometimes months, and sometimes to the end of our life and beyond, depending on the gravity of the crossroad and the gravity of the choice that we make.

And I believe that if we take a moment at each of these crossroads, then and ask Lillith take our time to ask it at that time, which is the decision that will bring me the most amount of empowerment and power in that moment?

Is it to say YES to something?

Is it to say YES to ourselves?

And in saying yes to ourselves and trusting our gut instincts.

And making that powerful choice? What does it look like?

Now sometimes, we can know the ripple up ahead, that if I make this choice here, this will potentially be the outcome. But honestly, I’ve never been quite that self assured.

In the sense that how can I possibly know all the ends of my decisions? But I can, in that moment, take a moment and look at the board and what I do know.

And ask Lilith for that guidance, ask during that Archetype and draw in that Goddess and say, what’s the decision that will bring me the most amount of power in this moment?

For me, I happen to be a human design Generator. I don’t know if you know much about human design, but one of the personality types I guess for one of a better description is a Generator and as a Generator, Looks makes the choices by gut reaction, listening to their gut. What feels like a YES. From when I say YES, for me that is capital YES! exclamation mark.

What feels like a YES, in that moment. And in that moment, that is the powerful choice on the crossroads.

When I recently decided to talk around the power of the crossroads, I knew I wanted this to be the episode after it introduces Lilith and her history, because I think this is one of the pivotal things that she offers to us as an Archetype and as a companion and as a Guide. Is this ability to tune in, to trust ourselves and to make the choices on the crossroads.

I knew I wanted this to be an early episode, before I kind of went into my different modalities and tools and explain to you a little bit more about how I work with her, because ultimately, they will all draw back to how can we use them?

How can we use these tools, or use these approaches to help us either inform the choices we make on the Crossroads or alternatively once we’ve chosen, these are the tools that we will use all the strategies we will use to make that occur, to bring that about to manifest that on the ground.

And so it’s that, that I wanted to share with you first was the power of the crossroads that she is that regulator of In the last year, I had been presented with a very clear crossroad, well, actually, I’ve been presented with several, however, because I took the time because I’ve been working with Lilith, I took the time when this particular event occurred in my life. And I took a moment. And I asked, and I remember drawing in and asking her, why has this occurred?

And or, and it wasn’t, it was a good thing that had occurred. So it wasn’t like it was something bad. And I thought to myself, this is a terrible thing. Why did it happen to me, it was actually, I am aware of the fact that I feel like I’m standing on a choice.

With that in mind, show me what I need to see or make me aware of what I need to be aware of. So that I can make this choice powerfully. And I was simply shown a picture of, or an image, or a feeling of my future self, and all I was told is this result, this version of you as it were this possibility. This is the person who says YES, this is who she becomes.

So I understand that not all things are fixed. However, this was an option that I was being given, and the version I felt so experienced of myself was amazing. She was everything I could hope to be and more. So I remember choosing YES, and the feeling of yes, on those crossroads powerfully.

What I’ve come to realize is that those YES’s are sometimes those different choices that we make, they have ripple effects that can last days, weeks, months, years, and beyond.

However, they also have almost like a compound effect, so since then, I’ve been presented with a different another decision, not a different choice. But like, here’s another crossroads, and another one and another one. And at each point, what is the version, what is the choice that will make me want to go? YES YES, that’s the powerful choice.

And I’ve had some interesting experiences with it in the last couple of weeks, even the last couple of days before I’ve recorded this episode because I’ve seen an opportunity, or a crossroad present itself in the last couple of months. And I made what I considered the YES choice at the time.

Eight weeks later, this opportunity is almost represented itself. It’s like you said YES, something was in motion, but actually, eight weeks later, this crossroad is represented, but with additional information or I’m hopefully older and wiser.

And again, this choice is represented with this slightly, different information. And it was fascinating to see that choice, almost come back around and say, Do you remember that you had that decision on the crossroads here, and you said YES.
We’re offering it to you again, but with a richer, deeper, more profound choice involved. and I found that a really interesting thing to have observed.

So what it also helps me realize and when I work with clients, and when I hopefully when you guys hear this and you’re thinking about decisions that you make, is that there are pivotal decisions we make on crossroads because they just are, but also those smaller choices add up to something bigger.

Those smaller choices and I found that with the particular choice, it was actually around something as simple as what I ate, and this is not a session about food and diet at all, that’s not why I’m sharing it.
I’m sharing it because you can kind of go yesterday I’ll have you know, the food that is nourishing to my body. And then the next day go screw it ,I’ll have cake.

Well, that’s absolutely true and I’m not somebody who is in any way, advocating anything dietary. It’s not my expertise, and I wouldn’t dream of telling people what to do with it.

However, how many different times a day, do we make a decision about what we eat? Each one of those could be a crossroad, so my, the reason I’m saying that is it can be in the big and in the small, there are in the small choices, we also walk towards a bigger result.

And then there are some that you walk up to those crossroads. And you know, in that moment, what you do next, or say next, or how you, deal with it will change who you are fundamentally, and that can be a really good thing.

This is the thing that will change it. And this is if I deal with it differently. And sometimes that involves not knowing the how, just knowing that it feels like a YES, it feels like saying yes to me, to life, to the possibilities it offers, and then working out the details as you go.

And in fact, our subconscious works better when we say YES to something with all our heart and soul. And then let the details take care of themselves, let your subconscious in the Universe kind of and the Law of Attraction kind of ripple to that YES. And then bring about that for you or start to put that in motion for you.

So this is where the next episode in this series, this podcast, is the transformational paradigm of “BE DO HAVE” because once we’ve said YES, on a crossroads, sometimes we know that we need in order to fully embody that, YES we need to be somebody different. Even if we don’t know, we feel miles away from it.
And that happened to me this year, I saw the YES and the impact of the potential impact of that, yes, but knew that the woman who was standing in that day was not was very had a fair amount to travel, or a fair amount to put into place, in order to fully be that woman, the future version. I could see I had work to do But I wanted to be her for all sorts of reasons. That’s what I wanted to be for all sorts of reasons.

So now, one BEing in the world changes in the moment, changes in the now the choices I make from this moment on continue to change me into change me into a better version of myself. But equally, I’m aware of the gap between my present self and my future self if you like.

So that becomes something where the concept of who you know yourself to BE changes, it sets up that change, it puts that change in motion. A little bit like you’re going to go and exercise, well, if you end up becoming leaner and more toned and fitter, it doesn’t happen on session one, you may notice the difference by session six, you may notice the session difference by session 12, you may notice it 12 months down the line. Or when you sign up to that sporting event or can get into your skinny jeans. It didn’t happen instantly, as much as we may want to just click our fingers and wake up one day and it’s all done.

But we set in motion, changing who we’re BEing, sometimes it’s in DOing that we set it in motion.

However, that’s why this episode comes first. Because the next one is talking about who you need to BE what you need to DO in order to HAVE the future version of yourself or to once you make the choice on that crossroads, what that then puts in motion.

There’s a case of doing what needs to be done and continuing to say YES, I think there is a compound effect in saying YES I’m saying yesterday, and then I continue to say YES tomorrow. And I’ll say YES again and continue with that process.

So that you’re not just saying to me if I didn’t just say YES to my future self once it was presented in lots of different ways. And it was, I choose it again, and I choose it again, and I choose it again. And because of that you’re saying to your subconscious to the Universe to your subconscious idea of who you are, that you’re continuing to click Commit and recommit to that.

I have or had a couple of friends who were hand fasted. They were married as well. But they, their tradition was that they were hand fasted, and she was explained to me that a hand fasting happens once a year, and it happens every year and a day.

So you are and fasted for year and a day. And then you RE commit yourself to that Handfasting. And for the next year, and a day, the idea being that you continue to say YES, to the person, to the relationship, to yourself in that relationship to that possibility.

And I thought was really beautiful. Because rather than saying, till death do us part, and then however many years down the line, maybe being absolutely so happy with that choice? And some people aren’t. Because how much have they committed and re committed and re committed to being with that person?

So this idea of continuing to say yes, on the crossroads, and Lilith is that guide, anytime you find find yourself presented with a crossroad, you say, YES, I’m choosing this.
How can she support you in that process? What can she guide you and show you that will help you in that process?

Similarly, if you feel that you’ve chosen it, but now you don’t know what to do next, that is where I work with clients. And I’m like, what is the YES answer for you?

What is the YES on this crossroads was the powerful choice, and now that we’ve put it in motion, what can we do? What can I teach you? And how can I support you to bring that into reality.

And that’s what a lot of my programs are for, is to guide you through that journey and give you those tools.

So hopefully, I’ve given a few examples and try to explain what I feel importance to the power, the powerful Crossroads are.

So take some time, now that you’ve listened to this, you think, what Crossroads are my on?

What Crossroads are bubbling around in the background that maybe I haven’t looked at them as proper crossroads and thought, how can I say YES?

How many different ways can I say YES, on the Crossroads today?

Or YES, on the Crossroads is different pivotal moments arrival, people show up in my life, or things occur in my life, or an opportunity for a new job, or whatever, they are all opportunity to say yes to yourself until to the life that you want to create, and the life you want to sculpt.

And Lilith is the person that can guide you through that and take a moment to tune in to meditate, whatever you want to do and ask, in this moment, what is the powerful choice?

And then have the courage to jump off the building and do it? To say YES!

And what I found is the most important thing is when you choose it, choose it with all your heart and soul, really choose it.

And even if you’re a little bit present to the idea that you want to say YES. But you just can feel the hesitation in the space or you can just feel a little resistance but you don’t want it to be a NO, it’s not a NO, it’s just what do I do with the resistance?

That’s where I come in. That’s where I can support you in. I’m saying YES. Now guide me through that process of allowing that to occur.

Or I’m aware of the hesitation, but my hesitation is not a no. It’s how can I bring that about? What’s the steps that I need to put into place?

So hopefully this has been a little short episode of a bit longer than my last ones,but I’m trying to keep them short because I don’t want to keep repeating myself. I think they’re strong enough.

So just take a moment today and think where am I crossroads?

What are the ways I can say YES to myself today?

And how can Lilith be part of that internal decision making?

How can she guide me to the powerful choice on those crossroads today?

And I look forward to sharing the transformational paradigm of BE DO HAVE with you in the next episode.

Thank you for joining me this week on Lilith speaks the podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed making it.

To find out more or if you feel you want to connect you can find me at Or you can join my free mighty networks called The Woman bespoke your life with Lilith. Or feel free to connect and follow me on LinkedIn and just search Emily Tuck. I can’t wait to see you there and share more about how we can bespoke your life with Lilith.


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