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Lilith Speaks Episode 1 Transcript Introducing Emily Tuck

Welcome to Lilith Speaks the podcast with me your host Emily Tuck for those who are ready to embrace the power that Lilith brings on the crossroads for those who are ready to say YES to themselves, to life, and to the possibilities it offers.

Hello, and Welcome to Lilith Speaks. My name is Emily Tuck, and this is our first episode together. So what I want to talk to you about today in the first episode is a little bit about me a little bit about what I’m hoping to give you as a result of Lilith speaks the podcast and what I’m hoping to achieve with it, what I’m hoping to share with you over the subsequent episodes that will be released.

So my name is Emily Tuck, as I said, and I’ve been a holistic practitioner. For the last, multidisciplinary, I’ve done a lot of different techniques. Over the last 15 years, I’ve actually been using the treatments or the different holistic practices since 2001 as a client, however, over the last 15 years, I have trained in lots of different ones.

What I’ve ended up doing over that time is specializing in ones that work with the subconscious, and ones that clear out deep, ingrained patterns. So some of those I came across in my kinesiology training when I trained as a Kinesiologist, and a Kinesiology instructor, and some of those I came across later as part of a CPD and some of those I went off and specifically trained in because they impact the subconscious, for example, EFT, and I’m currently training in hypnosis.

So what it has allowed me to do is pulled all of these different tools together, and like the rest of us, I moved my business online as a result of the pandemic. So my work is now 100% online.

What I’ve done with those different tools, is I’ve created a way of working, and I’ve created a way that supports myself and my clients, whether I’m working with them on a one to one or group containers, or whether they’re coming across my work in a self led fashion, like listening to this podcast, or doing one of my online courses and then coming to find me later.

But what they all have in common is that they support you in bespoking your life at a deep fundamental level, deepest level possible. By using a blend of all these tools that support the subconscious, I supporting people in breaking patterns.

Now, sometimes those patterns are historical, like old beliefs, sometimes their genetic patterns, or generational trauma patterns or epigenetic patterns, which means we think the behaviors and the attitudes and the limitations, we think they’re ours. But actually, they’re from four or five generations ago, or way back in time, and they were a decision that an ancestor made. Or a person that is maybe a Grandparent or our Great-Great Grandparent made in a moment to support themselves.

And that decision and therefore that limitation or that possibility, maybe also the gifts and talents that are in your genetics they come through. But if they’re limiting you from being yourself, or from reaching a potential, I use my epigenetic tools to support releasing that from the DNA so that you can be all that you’re meant to be.

And it could be that you had an ancestor who were amazing, and you think you know what, I wish I could be more like them. And it’s about choosing and activating that part of your genetics and choosing to use it for for your, for reaching our potential or for using your gifts as you choose. Some of those patterns are part of our souls blueprint. They’re ones we’ve brought with us from when we were born. Some of those are just limiting beliefs that we’ve acquired because our parents said this, or our teacher said that or somebody made a comment once,

Either way, break down all those patterns and rebuild your subconscious for who you choose to be going forwards. So what you what I then work with people to do is to tune into themselves as everything that isn’t them to falls away who they are authentically emerges who they are powerfully emerges, and they choose.

This is how I want to be in the World or this is the strand of my this is the choice that my ancestor made that I think is a good one and I want more of it. This is the choice that I want to make for my family going forwards, and what I’ve done with people if they rebuild who they are going to be in the World.

One of the best compliments I ever received was when I asked one of my old clients to do a testimonial for me, to show you an example of what happens when you rebuild the subconscious.

She said, “I can’t do the testimonial.”

And when we got down to why she said, “I feel really bad. She said, You’ve really helped me. But I don’t know how to explain what I’ve done. She said, I can’t remember who I was. So I can’t do a testimonial. Because I can’t refer back to my past with the same strength or the same potency, or the same way of remembering myself. It’s like I’ve fundamentally changed so much. I don’t know how to write it.”

And I said to her, “I understand that you think that’s making you a bad person or you feel guilty that you can’t given that I’ve supported you. You can’t give me a testimonial and say, but actually, your reasoning is the best compliment I’ve ever received. You genuinely cannot remember who you used to be, because we have remapped your subconscious, so beautifully. those neural pathways and emotional neural pathways don’t exist anymore, and you can’t remember, you still remember your memories, but your feelings around those memories are so remapped. You’re literally a different woman.”

So strangely, that was the best compliment I received was that she couldn’t remember herself enough to do the testimonial.

In the last 10 years, my practice and my own work with myself has taken me taken on another level. And that is when I came across the lost feminine Archetype of Lilith. Hence, the name of this podcast is Lilith speaks, and this podcast is about introducing you to that strand as well.

So Lilith, you may or may not know her as an Archetype. You may know her as a Goddess, if you’ve come across her before. Biblically, she is known as the first wife of Adam from Genesis. And some people don’t even realize that who she is the number of people I’ve heard say to me, or do you mean Adam didn’t have two wives, or Adam only they know the story of Adam and Eve, but they don’t know the story of Adam and Lilith.

So what happened for me was I saw her in a television show, I didn’t know what I was looking at. Then I saw the Archetype of Lilith through a character, and I was utterly transfixed. She was so alluring. So she drew me in, she was so powerful, and I had to know more about her.

I had to know more about her in the television, so she walked in, she was entirely naked, and then pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and diamond earrings, and she utterly held the room. She was unapologetic in the power of femininity, of her sexuality of how she stood in the world. She was unapologetic, that she took up room, energetically, and I was utterly transfixed.

In the 10 years that followed, obviously, I began to research her, I was so excited about her. And I started to look at the areas that she impacts in our lives.

And what happens when I started to meditate with her and ask, How do I become more like that? How do I become more like her? How do I make choices she would make? How do I invite her into my meditations and ask her for guidance? She’s a Goddess.

And over the time that I did that work, my life has only transformed, and so I began to share it with my clients, and somebody came to me about two years ago, round about the start the pandemic and said, this is a story that needs to be told.

Lilith is a story that has been lost and forgotten, and now some of those barely know her, and she needs to have her story told him and allow it to change the narrative of how we navigate those powerful decisions in our lives and how we navigate the crossroads.

Do we create, do we navigate them as the damsel in distress? Do we navigate them from a powerful position, and from a balanced position of feminine and masculine? It’s not a case of women having power over either it’s about that equality.

So that’s how it all kind of came together, and over the course of this podcast and the different episodes, what I want to share with you is kind of give her a voice hence the title Lilith speaks, kind of give Lilith a voice and if she’s the internal regulator of our power, and she guides us. We’re making those powerful choices.

You can see how that links back to the work that the different tools I had, which help your authentic, powerful woman emerge. So, what I want to do is because she refuses to be compartmentalised you can’t niche down and go, Well, she looks after this, or she looks after.

If she looks after anything, she looks after the powerful choices that we make on the crossroads of life. But actually, because she deals with the decisioning, and the way that we make those powerful choices, and then report that those choices and decisions, and she doesn’t really want me for life.

So I have found that she impacts people’s business, people’s legacy to the world, people’s expression of their femininity. It affects relationships, it affects intimacy, it affects communication, she impacts all sorts of areas, she impacts creativity.

And so because she impacts all these areas, what happens when I work with a client is it might be that we work on one area, and it ripples into others, it might be that we only work on one area. But what they have in common is the powerful choices that we make, in supporting you in choosing.

So over the next few episodes, I’m going to break that down. And I’m going to take each part of what she does, because she won’t become compartmentalized. I think it’s beautiful. I’m going to break it down a little bit for you and go right, this is an area that she impacts.

This is her history. If you’re interested in a Biblical Historical piece, there’s an episode, if you’re interested in what she does around creativity, here’s some information and some episodes and some insights. And what I’ve done, when I’ve worked with people with maybe how she impacts relationships, or how she impacts communication.

So each episode will be a specific area to allow us to kind of get a little bit of information and if as you’ve listened to those areas, you could listen to the podcast in order. Or you could say actually, I’m really interested in creativity right now, and go specifically to that episode. And just listen to actually impacts that area, because the area that’s impacting you equally.

As I go along, I’ll also be sharing with you the insights of how I work in my practice. For example, as a Kinesiologist, I trained I did some training in the Chinese Five Elements.

So the Chinese Five Elements is also a way that I see how this pattern and this balance works. So we will be looking at the Chinese Five Elements, and how Lilith can help us navigate those throughout the 12 months of the year, I’ll also be referring to what I call the transformational paradigm of BE DO HAVE, because that is a massive impact on how you change your subconscious patterning of who you are in the World.

And so I’ll be sharing with you the tools that I use, and the ways that I use them to help you navigate those yourself, and to share with you the insights and the benefits that working with Lilith can have.

So that is essentially it, and I wanted to kind of lay that out on the first episode to tell you a little bit about me to tell you a little bit about where I’m coming from, from that wealth of experience. But also, the idea that all these different, seemingly disparate areas are actually deeply connected and are actually deeply intertwined. Once Lilith helps support those choices.

So I’m going to take each of those as each episode goes on. And I hope to share with you as much as I can about her. And if as you listen, you want to find out a bit more, you can have a look on my website, you can have a look at other episodes as they are as they are released. You can get in touch with me and find out the different ways that you can work with me. And I can’t wait to share more of her with you, and more of this journey that we’ve been on really. I look forward to sharing more and more of it with you.

Thank you for joining me this week on Lilith Speaks podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed making it. To find out more or if you feel you want to connect you can find me at or you can join my free Mighty Networks called “The Woman Bespoke Your Life with Lilith” or feel free to connect and follow me on LinkedIn and just search Emily Tuck. I can’t wait to see you there and share more about how we can bespoke your life with Lilith

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