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Leading strategist, founder of
The Woman, Emily Tuck presents…


Leading strategist, founder of The Woman, Emily Tuck presents…

Chinese 5 Elements Quiz

What is Chinese 5 Element Theory?

In ancient times, Chinese philosophers understood that everything is made up of energy. They discovered too, that the dominant energy in all things including ourselves can be categorised into one of 5 elemental types. These are:

Wood. Metal. Fire. Earth. Water.

Everything has a small part of other elements but on the whole, there is one dominant element in everything and everyone. 

Each element type is related to a time of the year and a time of life. This bears many similarities with the Pagan Wheel of the Year, both represent times for rest, action, nourishment, and growth for example. 

We all have a dominant element that can be applied like a personality type that impacts every situation on both a macro and micro level.




How Do I Find Out Which of the Chinese 5 Elements I Am?

Despite a relationship to times of the year the time of your birth does not determine your element. Instead, it can be determined by a series of questions, which I have included in the form of my quiz.

These cover aspects of yourself, from your appearance to your way of communicating, from common ailments and weaknesses to strengths and from vices to virtues. 



5 Elements -graphic-2

How Will Knowing My Element Transform My Life?

When working with my clients I find determining their element and therefore their constitutional type via the quiz to be a beneficial first step in their transformational journey towards a bespoke life.

It helps get straight to the heart and soul of many big issues. In knowing themselves through their element type many people, myself included, find it freeing. It can be a relief to understand these particular traits and begin the transformation journey of working WITH ourselves, rather than battling against, our innate traits and tendencies. It provides the opportunity to review and challenge frameworks and recognise and nourish the parts of ourselves that require extra energy in order to activate our authentic selves. 

Help in loving your authentic self

Knowing your element and therefore achieving a deeper, richer awareness of who you are can help practitioners like myself to work with and communicate with you in a more meaningful way, in a more holistic way, and at a deeper level. This will allow you to fully activate and love your authentic self, to step into your own power as who you are. 

To accept and forgive our perceived faults indeed to embrace these characteristics and work with them.  
To recognise our innate virtues, celebrate and use them to fully step into our power.  

Some of the feedback I have received from people after discovering their element type includes descriptions of feeling ‘deeply seen and understood’.

What Happens After I Do the Quiz?

Upon completion of the quiz and if you are happy to share your email address with me (you can choose to unsubscribe afterwards of course) you will receive an in-depth portrait of your element.

This will include:

Emotional capacity – this reflects the quality of your relationships, your tendencies when faced with challenges and blockages that you may face due to self-limiting beliefs.
Organs associated with your element type and illnesses that tend to manifest in times of difficulty or when you are imbalanced. This knowledge can help alleviate symptoms before they surface or more quickly when they do.

Big issues – these will be issues that surface and resurface throughout life as your element type in variable guises and your elemental types typical responses so you can be aware of and work to counteract them.
Constant questions that are common to your element type.

Virtues – a chance to recognise and celebrate your innate powers and gifts that you can share with the world. These aspects of our authentic self come to the fore when we are in balance in relation to our element.

Vices – a chance to forgive these perceived faults and understand them as part of you and your elemental type. To work with them rather than see them as a problem to be fixed. These elements of our constitutional type are more pronounced when we are out of balance.

Golden rules – tips for life to help you maintain balance, improve communication, and be the best version of yourself.

Click below to begin the quiz and the journey to a bespoke life via a deeper and richer understanding and increased alignment with your authentic self.