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Leading strategist, founder of
The Woman, Emily Tuck presents…


Love is our response to our highest values – and can be nothing else.”

Lilith guides you and in turn you and your lover through how to improve your relationship to discern and navigate the choices at each crossroads that raise the bar in your relationship and empower both of you.

Do you want to create real depth in your relationships?

More “In To Me See” both emotionally and physically?

To create a deeper understanding of one another?

Learn to respond and create the relationship you desire rather than react or take things personally

Have the ability to have honest and vulnerable conversations, to navigate previously emotive issues like money or sex

Choosing to be empowered as individuals, who are complete and choose to be together instead of a “half” and co-dependent

Being loved for being our empowered authentic self, loved and encouraged to grow and be more and more of our authentic selves

Choose the empowering beliefs from both your soul’s journey and your genetic inheritance to fully embody your business possibility. 

My Client’s Say…

“My husband and I were only communicating on a need to know basis such as if our dog or child was ill, but generally, we just didn’t really talk.

Money was a topic we couldn’t discuss as it is very emotive and we could end up in days of silence. However, since working with Emily, we had a conversation about money only last week and it was absolutely fine!

No one felt judged, accused or “less than”. It was simply, “this is the situation, this is what I’m doing. This is what you’re doing. This is what’s going to happen”. No one got annoyed. We just walked away from that conversation and carried on – happily I might add!

Our emotional communication has improved. There is ownership of our emotions and our reactions. “I felt like this. This was happening for me.”

We also want to spend time together. Before this programme we barely talked and we just existed in the same space. Now we actually want to spend time together. I want to talk to him!

Before I didn’t want to be in the relationship. Now we have reshaped our relationship and there’s no one else I want to be with. I really want to be with him and I want it to be better than just good.”

– Kaitlyn Gordon

During this programme you will:

  • Meet with the empowered Archetype of Lilith as your guide on this journey and for life

  • Activate and embrace your own feminine power

  • Choose who you desire to BE in your relationships, in the world and create new subconscious relationship frameworks 

  • Release all subconscious resistance, and gain 100% subconscious commitment to your ideal relationship

  • Select and embody the strands of your soul’s story that embody the powerful possibility that you are capable of

  • Get a crystal clear vision for your life and your relationship

  • Learn various tools and techniques to support you on this 12 week journey and beyond.

The person who is proudly certain of their own value will want the highest type of lover they can find, a lover they admire, the strongest, the hardest to conquer, because only the possession of a hero will give them the sense of an achievement. They do not seek to gain their value, but to express it. . .”

Your Journey into Radical Revolutionary Relationships with Lilith includes:

12 Live Weekly Sessions
8 video replays of support tools to use between sessions
3 meditation / visualisations
Course Workbook
BE DO HAVE Guidebook
Access to private community with others on the course
Lifetime access to the digital curriculum


My Client’s Say…

Previously I didn’t even want sex, because it just hurt that much. It was really rubbish. Technically the sex was “fine” at best. We could play for as long as we wanted to until I orgasmed. Then it became too painful, really painful.

Since doing Emily’s programme all of that has changed. Now we’re mostly on the same page, our libidos are much more closely matched. We’ve been able to connect on another level.

We’re even finally on the same page about having children. There’s an added depth that we didn’t have before. And a deep level of trust. Sex now is actually fun and I can now have multiple orgasms for the first time in 15 years! It’s opened up so much for our entire relationship.”

– Ruby Miller




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