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Leading strategist, founder of The Woman, Emily Tuck presents…


A Twin Flame is not a quiet kind of love, 

It a soul set on fire, kind of love. 

And once you have found it come what may,

No matter the trials, the tribulations, the waiting, or how treacherous the road.

No other love will do.”

– Camilla Fellas Arnold

During this intensive 12 month container Lilith and Mary Magdalene guides you, and your lover to create a sacred union on the Twin Flame Journey. 

Twin Flame relationships are a profound and life changing. To embark on one is no small task. 

They challenge us so completely as we move from fear into unconditional love as a frequency, and a way of being.  

Twin Flame relationships are ultimtely about a deep shared soul mission to support the evolution and ascension of the planet.

Built on a framework of authenticity personal and spiritual growth and unconditional love they give us growth like no other relationship we encounter. 

They transform us so uttely and drive us to be the best possible versions of ourselves. 

During this journey we need support and guidence to help us deal with our fears as we reframe our intimate relationships in their purpose, shape, structure.

Twin Flame relationships are do not follow the conventional or socitial rules of “acceptable” as they trailblaze a new relationship paradigm. They do however have their own very distinct shape and “rules”

On this epic journey whether you are in the “preparation” phase where you are transforming yourself and are yet to “meet ” your Twin Flame.

Or whether you have met in the 3D and are working towards sacred union, together or in a separation phase you have found the right place.

Lilith and Mary Magdalene and Emily will guide and support you through a this intensive 12 month container as you how to improve your relationship to discern and navigate the choices at each crossroads that elevate your relationship to a frequency of unconditional love that empowers both of you, and in turn the World at large as you embrace your soul mission and bring you closer to union.

Do you want to embrace Sacred Sexuality in your Union?

To be seen with the eyes of unconditional love and to embrace it within yourself

To build your sacred union on the framework of growth authenticity and love both individually and as a couple.

To speak heart to heart and soul to soul with your lover.


To embrace your soul mission and work together to bring it to fruition.

Choosing to be empowered as individuals, who are striving to grow more together in unconditional love 

Choose the empowering beliefs from both your souls journey and your genetic inheritance to fully embody your twin flame union.

My Client’s Say…

Working with Emily has been alchemical, and this is not work for the faint-hearted. When you are willing to show up, and I mean really show up, you will be gifted with the most incredible resources that will enable you to stand at the centre of your power. This work is big, it’s a whole web of healing from wounding in this life, to the ancestral healing that flows down through your lineage to the healing and integration of the harm from past lives. What Emily provides is the tools and support so that you can learn how to navigate your own map as you do the healing work necessary for you to become the person you were meant to be. This journey has blown my mind, heart and soul wide open. Prior to engaging with this journey,  I had little real understanding of the power these patterns held over my life — And this from someone who began her healing journey half a life ago. I can feel the tendrils of influence lessen as I unhook the past, bit by bit, from my being. I can feel the deep purpose of the work and the liberation of my sovereign self.“ Anonymous

During this programme you will:

    • Meet with the empowered Goddesses Lilith and Mary Magdalene as your guides on this twin flame journey and for life
    • Activate and embrace your own blend of divine feminine and divine masculine power
    • Choose who you desire to BE in your relationships, in the world and create new subconscious relationship frameworks that are built of growth, authenticity, empowerment and unconditional love.
    • Release all subconscious resistance, and gain 100% subconscious commitment to your ideal twin flame relationship
    • Select and embody the strands of your soul’s story both past life and genetic that embody the powerful possibility that you are capable of on your soul mission.
    • Get a crystal clear vision for your life and your relationship to vibrate from a space of unconditional love.
    • Learn various tools and techniques to support you on this 12 month journey and beyond as you and your twin flame navigate separation and union uplevelling all the way.

“For their eyes see into your soul,

A thousand words and a million lifetimes spoken in a single glance. Time and space cease to exist, the only meaning is at their side.

A twin flame can feel like you can’t bear to stay and you don’t want to leave – its never enough and always too much.

It’s a magnifying glass to the worst within you 

And statues in honour of the very best of you.”

– Camilla Fellas Arnold

Your Journey into Sacred Twin Flame Unions

Weekly 121 Coaching and energy work sessions throughout the 12 month container –
Included in your weekly coaching sessions will be quarterly crossroads coaching and soul mission readings with Camilla Fellas Arnold to support with navigating your Soul Mission which is paramount on the Twin Flame Journey.
Transforming your subconcious framwork for relationships and soul mission
Transforming both Ancestral and Past Life patterns- including releasing persecution complex and Witch wound.
Finding your voice to embrace your journey going forward.
Video replays of additional support tools to use between sessions
Guided meditations and visualisations to support you throughout your journey including:
Sound Essences and Heart Sprays to raise your vibration and open the heart and balance your whole energy system.
Course Workbook
BE DO HAVE Guidebook
Ongoing Voxer Support throughout the journey.
Access to private community with others on the course
Access to the digital curriculum


My Client’s Say…

This is a MASSIVE shout out to the amazing Emily Tuck for her incredible support over the past months. If it wasn’t for her wise input I genuinely believe I’d be in a full on breakdown right now. Working with her has enabled me to do the deep dive to identify what’s really going on. From this we have Co-created a route map of pathways for the healing work that has needed to be done. When I said: “this stops here” when I came into recovery from addiction 24 years ago – what I thought I was talking about was the immediate family wounds. I had no idea that the work that really needed doing was that of helping the ancestral wounds to heal as well as those of the past lives I had lived. This work is IMMENSE. And, it’s really important because I can see how clearly the past life and ancestral patterns have played out across the decades of my life. And thus, THEY STOP HERE. This work removes the power from the need to rinse and repeat. What it will also do, as they stop here, is prevent this need IN my off-spring and their offspring too. ALL of this stops here. This work is both exhausting and alchemical. I am full of gratitude 🙏 – RH


12 month container
  • Ongoing Voxer Support thoughout 12 months
  • Any Additional Modules created during your 12 months to further the journey are automatically included.
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions throughout the year.
  • 4 Quarterly Crossroads coaching sessions with Camilla Fellas Arnold
  • Digital Curriculum Access to use between sessions.
12 month container 12 monthly installments
  • Ongoing Voxer Support thoughout 12 months
  • Any Additional Modules created during the 12 months are automatically included.
  • Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions throughout the year.
  • 4 Quarterly Crossroads Coaching with Camilla Fellas Arnold
  • Digital Curriculum Access to support you between sessions
  • 12 monthly payments of $2000
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