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Emily’s programme has revolutionised my communication. Now I know what my boundaries are, I know what is okay, and what isn’t. I’m able to be assertive, I’m clear with my line and I’m holding it.

Where previously I would have people pleased and put myself last, now I’m being firm because I’m protecting myself and it is easy to do.

I have a new level of respect from people around me. I’m more clear when something is not okay with me or about what I want. People have either accepted it or the process has highlighted all the places where that was an issue between us. Some people who didn’t like the change in me and I found I didn’t think that was a bad thing. There are those who just couldn’t make the shift to who I am now and how I communicate with them.

My conversations now are much more adult. Thinking in terms of transactional analysis I’m now able to communicate adult to adult. I’m not interacting as a parent or child with people anymore.