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Who is Lilith?

Lilith is a lost feminine archetype for all of us. We understand about the maiden. Instinctively, as women, we understand the mother and we also understand the crone. While some of us don't like the idea of getting older, we do understand in our bones the wisdom of the crone.

There was an archetype that has been lost.

That archetype is Lilith.

She is the archetype of the fully sexually and creatively empowered, independent woman who holds the key to the work needed for a new relationship paradigm.

Recognising Lilith
In The Modern Day

When I first came across her, I didn’t know who she was. I saw her in a television show and instinctively recognised her through the character that was being played. My life has never been the same since. After seeing her portrayed on TV I researched her and I found out that she was caught up with Lilith.

In the TV show, the actress walked into the scene. She was entirely naked, other than a pair of Louboutin shoes and a pair of diamond earrings. She was unapologetically proud of her nakedness and made no attempt to hide it. She walked in tall, proud, head up, shoulders back. She powerfully and simply swayed into the room.
She owned her body. She owned her sexuality. She owned the full power that she had. Nobody was going to take that away from her.

The men in the room understood instantly the power that she embodied. The other character in the scene was speechless at the way she carried her personal power. They understood the power that she embodied and they revered it.

She rapidly became something I couldn’t get enough of so when I researched her I found out the character she represented was the feminine Archetype of Lilith.

Lilith in History

It appears there are two distinct Genesis stories. There is the Adam and Eve story that we know, the other story is the story of Adam and Lilith.

Adam and Lilith were created out of the same clay, the same mud and as such were created as equal. With this simple but profound change to the narrative was the idea that Men and Women were made equal at the beginning. Equal in their power and in their right to claim it. They both had an equal right to be fully empowered, balanced and complementary to one another.

The story with Eve that we are so familiar with is that Eve is born out of Adam’s rib. The implied narrative is that women are subservient and less than men.

When Adam demanded to take the dominant position for lovemaking Eve accepted this while Lilith refused to accept the submissive role because she claimed her power and her personal and sexual equality.

There was a long power struggle between Lilith and Adam. Eventually, she invoked the name of God. She left the Garden of Eden and went off on our own adventures, because she refused to be dominated by a man who was unwilling to be her equal.

I realised in a flash while reading that this is what had been embodied by the character I had originally seen all those months before in the TV show I was watching.

Today the only story we know is the story of Eve. That story of Lilith has been lost.

Working with Me
and Lilith

A year after I was first asked to give a talk about Lilith at an online women’s empowerment summit I have completely refocused my work to introduce women to Lilith and how she can be our guide to making empowering and powerful choices in all areas of our life. 

She has been my constant companion ever since. She comes into your life when you are ready to step into your power. 

After years of working with her I realise she is our guide on the crossroads to the powerful and loving choice and guides us through the preparation and shadow work needed to embrace our Twin Flame Relationship. 

Twin Flame dynamics are built on complete equality of 1 soul in 2 bodies. This means both need to be fully empowered to reach unity. 

A Sacred Union like this demands we clear out fear and the places we play small in our own lives. 

There is work needed both in preparation to activte our Twin Flame relationship and to meet them in the 3D.

In order that we choose unconditional love not fear at every possible turn Twin Flames will highlight our fears so we can do the energy and subconscious work to step into our full power.

Lilith is our guide to highlight and work through our shadow work in the preparation and separation phases to keep choosing unconditional love. 

When Lilith comes to you now she demands a seat at your table and in your life. 

She is here to guide you through the work that your Twin Flame will show you but only you can transform and transmute. 

She has a message to deliver to you, to all women. To tell us of the power that is possible for all of us to have in our lives if we embrace her.

Give her space to speak and you will hear your truth. HER voice is OUR voice. I believe Lilith and her power gives women access to their own voice and the ability to speak their truth.

I have committed myself to sharing her power as a guide with other women as we rise into the new relationship paradigm with Twin Flames leading the charge.

My programmes are all written with her guidance about which choice gives you power and how to fully embody that power with each loving choice you make.

I can’t wait to share these programmes with you. I currently offer self led courses and 3 month programmes and an intensive 12 month container that is 121 coaching specifically for in  preparation or navigating Twin Flame relationships.  

These programmes are to support you in transforming your life, and your relationships and claiming your soul mission and legacy to the World.

With Lilith as the internal regulator of how to claim our power and our voice as we speak with love as we rise together to reach our full potential.