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Wood Element Blog

The Goddess Awakens: Wood Phase Blog, Spring 2022

Wood is the element associated with Spring in Chinese 5 Element Theory. It lasts from March to May encompassing both Ostara the traditional festival that celebrates the Spring Equinox on March 21st and Beltane which marks the coming together of the God and Goddess in sacred union on May 1st. Following this the  Wood phase transitions into Fire, the summer phase of the Chinese 5 Elements yearly cycle. 

As we are slap bang in the middle of Wood this blog will explore what Wood symbolises and how can we use this phase of the annual elemental cycle to propel us forward on our journeys of self-discovery and further our work on the BE, DO, HAVE paradigm which alongside Chinese 5 Element Theory and working with Lilith is a cornerstone of both my own journey and the coaching work that I do.

What Does the Wood Element Symbolise in Chinese 5 Element Theory?

To answer this question, look outside your window. What do you see? 

Outside my window I see birds gathering nesting materials and showing off to potential mates. I see buds, sticky with potential, on the trees and shrubs. Blossoms. leaves and shoots are bursting forth. Spring, and the wood phase, is busy and full of vitality, new possibilities and bright ideas. 

I also see last year’s leaves being swept away in the loud and shrill March breeze. The weather associated with this phase is wind.

And, as I scan the horizon one colour begins to dominate: green the corresponding colour of the Wood phase and of Spring. 

So, the Wood element phase is a time of fertility, of the birthing of plans, of creativity, new ideas are bursting forth like the green buds and shoots we see in our gardens and hedgerows.   

This is a time for planting seeds and preparing for the future, for planning and setting in place all that we are going to achieve during the high energy fire time of summer.

It is a time for breathing fresh air into your projects, for blowing away the cobwebs of winter.

How Does Wood Phase Relate to the BE, DO, HAVE Paradigm?

Within the Be, Do, Have paradigm this period is the BE.

This means it is the perfect time to choose and, if necessary, change or adapt who you are BEing in the world. 

It is a time of being called to check in with our higher selves to ensure that who we are choosing to BE is in line with our highest purpose. 

Our subconscious self-image and therefore the narratives that shape our lives are ours to choose. We, therefore, have the power to co-create our reality with the universe. 

In choosing those narratives and deciding who we are BEing we create our chosen reality. 

Take the opportunity that the Wood phase presents, of this time of exciting possibilities, of fertility, of new growth and beginnings to change any negative aspects of yourself that you might be subconsciously choosing. 

If you are telling yourself you are something you will BE it. These are some common negative stories we tell ourselves:

  • I am bad with money.
  • I am overweight. 
  • I will never find love.
  • I don’t enjoy sex.
  • Work is not supposed to be enjoyable, it just pays the bills. 

However, once we flip the script and create a new subconscious self-image, we BEcome what we want easily and effortlessly. 

  • I am abundant.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am loved. 
  • I am a powerfully sexual being.
  • I love my job.

Once we are BEing in our subconscious who are meant to BE, then we quickly find that we easily begin to DO what we want to do and then as a natural consequence we HAVE all that we want. 

How Does Lilith Work With Us in Wood Phase?

Lilith is the archetype of the fully creatively and sexually empowered, independent woman. Lilith sees you like a bud, or green shoot and wants to support you to blossom, to grow into your full creative and sexual power and potential. 
Sacred Sexual Energy
Like the Goddess waking and experiencing the most sacred of sexual unions with the God as celebrated by Beltane or May Day. Lilith represents sacred sex, and the sacred prostitute, the power of healing through sex and connection with the divine and of using our spiritual-sexual wisdom to give us incredible creative energy. This time is richly sexual, and as we work with Lilith at this time we work on the full spectrum of our sexual energies. 
Lilith and Our Righteous Anger
The emotion of wood phase is anger and the sound of Wood phase is shouting which makes it a good time for releasing the pent up anger that women have been forced to repress for centuries.  Lilith shows us that we do not need permission to release our rage. We do not need to care if we have been taught we aren’t allowed to shout.  We WILL shout and in acknowledging that rage, in expressing that anger, in owning our anger we release and rekindle our fierce unbounded creativity as the anger is transformed into newly accessible energy.

Questions to Ask Ourselves During Wood Phase

How does your garden grow?

Do your ideas, and creative projects have room to thrive or like seedlings do you need to do some weeding? 

Do the seedlings require thinning to allow the strongest ones to reach their full potential?

Consider a tree. In the strong spring winds, a tree needs strong, nourished roots to stay standing. 

How can you ensure your own roots are supporting your growth to ensure you can reach your highest height?

A well-pruned, and trained rose will produce a bounty of fragrant blossoms when summer comes. 

But if left unsupported by a trellis, wall or other framework it runs the risk of toppling to the ground. If left unpruned last year’s buds will rot and this years will be limited and hidden among the rotting past. 

Are you letting frameworks and rules support you to reach your potential?

Have you pruned enough of last year’s rotten roses to allow the buds of today to come through?

Learn More

If you want to learn more about the Chinese 5 Element theory and what constitutional element you are take my quiz to find out and receive a free guide to your element once you complete it. 

To work with me and with Lilith to make the most out of this wood element phase take a peek at my offerings and book a discovery call with me. 

I’d love to hear what you are planning to create and to support you on your journey towards your highest, most creative BEing. 

Love, Emily x

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